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Why Book a Vacation Home, Instead of a Hotel Room!

Here are some obvious reasons why a vacation home is better than a hotel!

You will SAVE a lot of money

An average Disney hotel starts at $200 per night. With a vacation home, you can get the whole house starting at $99 per night!

Everyone get to stay together

Instead of everyone staying in their own hotel room, everyone can hang out together in the living room, kitchen, or private pool!

You get your own space with Privacy

No need to worry about hearing your next door neighbour, or have the housekeeping maid knock on your door every morning.

You get A LOT more space and amenities

Unless it's a presidential suite, you won't get a living room, dining room, kitchen, patio, and private pool in your hotel room.

Also comes with fully equipped kitchen

Eating out every day can get expensive. Why not stay in and cook your own meal with the fully equipped kitchen, at your home away from home!

Swim in your own private pool

Your private pool never closes, so you can swim even at 3am in the morning. It is also a lot more romantic and private. =)

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